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Patron record must be in good standing in order to borrow the laptop.

  • I understand that this equipment is a 3 hour library loan and cannot leave the building.
  • I will immediately inspect the laptop upon checking it out and agree that it is in good condition.
  • I will not tamper with hardware or existing software.
  • I agree to protect this equipment from theft and/or damage. I will not leave the laptop unattended.
  • I agree to return the laptop to the Circulation Desk by the time due and personally give it to a library staff member. I will return the laptop no later than 30 minutes before the closing of the Library. Fines will be charged at the rate of $10 per hour.
  • I acknowledge that the Library is not responsible for the damage to files or removable media as a result of using the Library’s Network.
  • I agree to save my files to removable media rather than the laptop’s hard drive. I understand that all files saved on the laptop will be erased and the Library accepts no responsibility for lost files.
  • I acknowledge that use of the laptop is governed by the Computer Use Policy and Wireless Network Policy and agree to be in compliance.

Laptop privileges may be revoked if a borrower violates any part of this agreement.

My signature below indicates that I have read the Laptop Liability Form and acknowledge that I am financially responsible for the laptop and its accessories in the event of loss, theft or damage while signed out in my name. I agree to abide by these conditions of use.

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