500 Books Before Middle School

500 Books Before Middle School for grades K to 4 continues to encourage children being read to as well as independently. We want children to choose books that will engage them, inform them and be fun to read so that it becomes an enjoyable daily activity for families. Sharing books and encouraging reading time will help them develop a love of reading and learning that will last a lifetime.

Read 500 Books and earn a book for every 50 books read. All reading counts, even if you read it more than once. Read a book, listen to an audiobook, read on a device, or share a book together with someone, it all counts! Read 2 books a week for 1 year – that’s 104 books…read 2 books a week for 5 years – that’s 520 books! Let’s keep building successful readers and help them gain a one million word advantage.

It’s easy to begin anytime…just print the reading journal sheets! Be sure to stop by the Library to pick your first free book!  Program generously funded by the Friends of the Library.

First reading journal

Reading journal with fox

Reading journal with frog