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The Laboratory is a place for experimentation, investigation and observation for the creative & curious.

The Library intends to offer a wide variety of opportunities for all ages with a focus on technology and creativity.

Come create with us! Call to make an appointment... 860.923.9779.


Lab 1.0 ... 3D Printing

The Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer was purchased with funds donated by Gladys Tucker.Gladys was a long time resident of Thompson, and still lives locally. She was an educator for 37 years and served on the Library Board for a term. Gladys shares “The library is a wonderful resource that I firmly believe in. Without a library many essential things would not be available to children and adults.” We are so appreciative of Gladys’s very generous support of our Library.

The Friends of the Library support the Lab @ the Library with funds from their NEXT CHAPTER donations – this is how the filament for the 3D printer was purchased. There is no charge for printing, thanks to the Friends’ generosity.

Here's the guidelines and terms of use form.







3D Printing is the process for making a physical object from a digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material.  A design file is sent to the printer where hot plastic is passed through a nozzle and laid down layer by layer via a robotic arm.  The plastic cools quickly, so the finished object can be used right away.

How do I find a design?
Designs can be found online, has a wide variety.  Projects must be submitted as an .stl file. 

How do I use the library’s 3D printer?
You will need to attend an orientation session if you would like to participate in the printing.  Otherwise, files may be submitted for printing by the library staff once a Terms of Use form has been signed.  For children under 14, an adult must sign the form at the Library.

To learn more and use the printer
call the Library to schedule a 20 minute informational session

Here's the guidelines and terms of use form.


lab 2.0... conversion equipment


We’re thrilled to share with you the following news… we are going back in time to save older formats for the future.

We can convert VHS home videso to DVD,
as well as print and save slides.

We’re looking forward to preserving
family and local history.


Lab 3.0 ...Three new additions!

Cricut Maker machine .. 3D pens .. Button making machine



Call or visit to make an appointment to learn more about using lab equipment.

The Lab is made possible with the generous support of the Friends of the Library, donors to the The Next Chapter Fund& Gladys Tucker.