Thompson Public Library

Get a Library Card

A valid library card entitles the holder to borrow any materials from the Thompson Public Library
which are available for loan. A valid library card also entitles the holder to use any of the
services and equipment of the Library for which a borrower card is required.

Thompson Residents

Library cards are free to all Thompson residents of any age. Proof of residency and/or photo identification is required. Cards are issued for a term of 3 years, and will be renewed in person upon the verification of current address/telephone information.

You can start the process now by filling out this form.  A staff member will notify you once the card is ready.

The Thompson Public Library is part of the Bibliomation consortium, your library card is ready to use at any member library.

Children’s Library Cards

A child of any age, including infants, may obtain a library card by having his/her parent fill out an application card. The child’s parent or guardian will be responsible for any materials borrowed on this card.

To encourage the love of reading, the Library does not charge fines on juvenile material borrowed on a child’s card.

The following may not be borrowed on a child’s card:

  • musical CDs
  • DVDs
  • equipment
  • cultural attraction passes
  • backpacks

The status of a child’s card will be changed to adult upon the individual’s 18th birthday.

Temporary Cards

A temporary card will be issued when a patron can not provide proof of residency. The patron may borrow no more than 2 books for a two week period. A letter is mailed to the address provided, which the patron must then bring to the Library to have their privileges extended.

Out of Town (ConnectiCard)

Under Section 11-31 of the General Statutes of Connecticut, any Connecticut resident with a valid card issued by his or her home public library may borrow from any other public library in the state. The Thompson Public Library will not issue cards to out of town residents.

Out of State

A card will be issued to out of state residents with proof of residency for use at the Thompson Public Library only. Effective January 1, 2009 – Adult patrons will be issued a card for an annual fee of $35 with proof of residency. Card is for use at the Thompson Public Library only.

Patrons meeting any of the following exceptions will be issued a card at no charge. Exceptions include:

  • Children attending any Thompson school
  • Thompson property owner
  • Employed in Thompson

Proper verification is required.


A card will be issued to seasonal residents with proof of local and home residency. This card is for use at the Thompson Public Library only. The card is free.


The Library offers a card with an extended loan period for use by local educators in an effort to share resources, support the educational curriculum and to encourage our youngest patrons to read.

The card is for use exclusively at the Thompson Public Library. The card is valid for one year, and may be renewed in person. Verification of a current teaching position within the Town of Thompson is required.

Materials on Teacher Cards circulate for 45 days, with no renewal. Certain items may not be borrowed on a teacher card.  Please see the staff for details. The Library reserves the right to recall material at any time.

Replacement Cards

The first time a card is replaced, a $2 fee will be charged. The second and subsequent requests for a new card will be charged $5.