The Young Adult collection is designed for kids ages 13 & older. The collection offers fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, and graphic novels, as well as books for testing, college admission and scholarships.

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Some of the Overdrive ebook titles include...

Attention Tweens and Teens! Have you ever had a babysitting nightmare? You know the one … when the kids won’t settle down, one is crying and the other one is screaming. Well, no more nightmares. We have the answer for you. Babysitter Backpacks to the Rescue!! We have backpacks that you can fill with books from the library, contains a puppet storytelling kit, and books to answer all your babysitting questions. They are located in the Children’s Section on top of the new fiction bookshelves. Come in and check them out.

These backpacks and their contents are generously provided by the Friends of the Thompson Public Library.

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